Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Friday

Hey Susan, this one's for you! Hope everyone has a great junking weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Serendipity Antiques, photo tour

Something for everyone.
I love these old pottery vases.

Cute little dresser for your little girls room or for yourself. I have a matching doll size wardrobe to go with it. Love the shell boxes .

White ironstone, green pottery, old cupboard.

More white!

Serendipity Antiques, photo tour

Lots of smalls in the curio cabinet.
Cubbies full of treasures that change weekly.

Showcase with lots of childrens toys, a vintage 60's tin doll house, complete with furniture, dolls, vintage wicker doll buggy, tin dishes and lots more.

Vintage blown glass Christmas ornaments. Pretty old silver spoons in and enamel cup.

Serendipity Anitques, photo tour

These vintage typewritters make great display pieces, alone or in a group. Or salvage them for the vintage type keys for you jewelery designers. ( just don't tell me you are going to rip them apart, lol)
Old document boxes rest on top of old tin bread box.

This old cash register was bought at auction by my dad, from and old country store that was going out of business. My mom about killed him for dragging it home. After he passed away Mom gave it to me and I love it in the shop. Makes me feel like a piece of my dad is still with me.

Does anyone need a globe? I love how they look in a group.
See anything you like?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

House tour cont...

This is an old store display rack, probably used for chips or snacks of some type. I just clipped a few odd things on it and I think it looks pretty cool. During the holidays I put seasonal post cards on it.

Cute little bird, perched on the windowsill, and you ever have to many?

I used to have this collection of game boards on my stairway wall but decided to move them when i painted a few weeks ago, this is at the top of the stairs. I'm thinking of doing a wall of mirrors going up the stairs but can't decide, does anyone have any unique ideas for decorating this space?

Old books, oil still em!

This is just a small portion of my flower frog collection.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Random house pics

These are random pics from around my house...come back, I'll be posting more pics all week.