Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just can't wait to get on the road again!

We hit the road last week. A quick trip to Minneapolis and back in 2 days. My husband, daughter and myself. We had a great time antiquing all the
way up and all the way back. Our first stop was one of my all-time favorite shops, Ms Macs, in Janesville Mn. Primitive lovers heaven. The displays are so creative and inspiring.

Located in the coolest historic building in downtown Janesville.

This pair of urns would've been mine if I would've had a trailer. I loved how all the white looked, the architectural salvage is always a favorite of mine.

This unusual stone mosaic urn did come home with me, it's very heavy and I love it!

Another view of the white display.

Oh how I love this horse! Wouldn't you just love to take him home??

This is great old octagon shaped hardware store fixture, storage for screws ect would my guess. It was super neat.
If you are ever near Ms Macs in Janesville it is well worth the trip. We had so much fun and the owner Ron always makes you feel like an old friend.