Thursday, July 24, 2008

A day at the auction

Beautiful old sideboard/ that glass door in the middle.
Vintage gas sign.
Horse teeth anyone????? (only at Wicks!)
Molds...just waiting for a project.
rows and rows of 'stuff'

Soda daughter uses these to make very cool, unique table top mosaics.

Wicks Auction House is operated by Larry Wicks and his wife Jan. Weekly auctions with just about anything you can think of for sale. About 4 times a year they have a special antique auction which is where i spent my Saturday. It's always an adventure. Held in an old pole barn type building, it's usually filled to the brim with all sorts of 'stuff '. Boxes to dig through, furniture, primitives, once in awhile a few chickens or other live creatures, you just never know.

The sale starts at 9am and has been known to last well into the night, so if your stamina is good, you can pick up some good bargains at the end of the night. I only stayed for a few hours but I did manage to buy a very cool old wire basket, a wire flower frog, a french post card album and an ironstone pitcher. You can check out their website for future sale dates and pictures.


janw said...

I loved seeing the pictures from the auction. I don't have the patience for auctions I used to have -- maybe because it's hard to find a good one but looks like you did. I put your link on my blog -- hope that's ok. Jan (summersundays)

lovesoldstuff said...

Jan, I don't always have the patience for auctions either. I'm often thinking of all the other things I should be doing instead. Thanks for adding my link to your blog! Lisa

Ki said...

I was excited to see your Jello molds! Last year I used them to make spiders for my 2008 October Country Home column 'Cool Junk' Should be on the stands mid September. Check it out! Love your blog! I just started a blog and will add yours to my favorites.
Take care,

lovesoldstuff said...

Ki, thanks for visiting my blog! I can't wait to check out your new blog and add you to my favorites. What a great idea for the jello molds, can't wait to see your column in Country Home.